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Commonplace connects capital with developers through proprietary funding tools, curated events, and stories.

At Commonplace, we’re tackling one of the biggest barriers to inclusive, affordable, and sustainable development: access to capital.

Our platform connects developers and investors who share a mission to build for the social good. Investors can find qualified leads and invest alongside like-minded peers, while developers can discover relevant funding sources and build valuable capital relationships.

Our Story

Our Story

Commonplace builds on the purpose of REDIST, a company founded in 2020 by developer Atif Z. Qadir, AIA and entrepreneur Jonathan Kuo, with a mission of simplifying access to real estate development incentives.

As Commonplace, we’re creating the infrastructure to accelerate the funding of responsible development across all capital sources: from traditional equity and debt, to impact capital, credit guarantees, and grants.



Commonplace supports development that deliberately considers positive social impact in addition to financial return. Our goal is to promote ideas such as housing affordability, equitable development, economic mobility, historic preservation, placemaking, and sustainability.

Our platform welcomes diverse visions of impact, and you can nominate people and organizations to be featured on Commonplace.



An immediate focus for Commonplace is addressing systemic barriers to accessing capital for minority-owned developers. Today, out of roughly 112,000 real estate development companies in the United States, less than 1% have owners that identify as non-white.

Join us in making the real estate industry more inclusive.

Goldman Sachs
Provident Bank


We are a team of diverse professionals with multi-disciplinary backgrounds in real estate, capital markets, technology, and policy.

We leverage our experience in notable organizations including Airbnb, Extell, Goldman Sachs, and NYCEDC.



Jonathan Kuo and Atif Z. Qadir


Jonathan Kuo

An investor and serial entrepreneur, Jonathan brings breadth and depth of experience across the domains of building, operating, and financing. Prior to Commonplace, Jonathan founded a number of consumer and healthcare businesses, invested in public markets across the technology, media, and internet sectors, and is a Goldman Sachs alum.

Jonathan holds dual-degrees in Economics and Computer Science from The Wharton School and The School of Engineering & Applied Sciences at The University of Pennsylvania.

He is an avid boulderer, and passionate about physical, graphic, and experiential design.

Atif Z. Qadir, AIA

Founder of Amanat Properties, licensed architect, and city planning commissioner, Atif has an incredibly multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted view of real estate development and investment, honed through positions at as Extell Development, Turner Construction, and Honest Buildings.

Atif also produces and hosts The American Building Podcast, where he discusses with notable developers and architects challenges for cities today, exploring how many go far beyond vocation to improve the places and people around them.

Atif is a first-generation immigrant, a proud alumnus of Columbia Business School and MIT School of Architecture + Planning.

“We’re building the infrastructure to improve access to capital, accelerate mission-driven development, and promote responsible investment in our cities and communities.”


GaingelsHometeam VenturesNew York VenturesShadow VenturesParkwest
  • Riggs Kubiak

    Founder & CEO of Honest Buildings (acquired by Procore)

  • Scott Wolfe

    Founder & CEO of Levelset (acquired by Procore)

  • Kenneth Kline

    Founder & Managing Partner of JAKK Media (acquired by Pillar4 Media and Centerfield Media)

  • Michael Kokes

    President of Kokes Properties

  • NaJed Lenznerme

    Partner at Stonecroft Management

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